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Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, INDIA

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The 10th International Conference on Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications (CISIM 2011) with its focus on Agent based Computing and Its Applications strives to present a multidisciplinary research forum for researchers across the globe. The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on advanced concepts in biometrics, secure and agent based computing, and industrial management, and establishing new collaborations in these areas.

The technical program for CISIM 2011 has been planned with four distinct tracks. These are: I. Biometric Security and Multi-media Analysis; II. Agent based computing; III. Network Security; and IV. Industrial Applications. Biometrics in both behavioral and physiological categories includes researches in Information Processing Systems and Human Identification and Recognition Techniques. Biometrics is a useful tool in securing future computer systems. It provides identification of users through measurement of biological characteristics such as fingerprints, retinal patterns, DNA, etc. Biometric security aims to create a more non-ambiguous and user friendly environment for its users. The difficulty in mimicking one's finger-print or retinal pattern makes this type of security all the more important in today's society. The system is not fool-proof though; in case the biometric information about a user is stolen, it can be disastrous, as these patterns can not be replaced. CISIM 2011 aspires to discuss the limitations and strengths of biometric security, and compare it to the usual authentication mechanisms. The conference aims to bring together researchers from all over the world to discuss economic designs of hardware as well as software support for widespread use of biometric security. This would go a long way to help companies and organizations with a tight budget.

Agent-based models are a natural way to describe systems comprised of devices interacting with one another. The reasons leading to the choice of agents are: flexibility, ability to capture emergent event, and access to greater details. The agent based data modeling track is designed to look at this angle of computing.

This conference intends to cover contributions on securing computer networks so as to ensure reliable data delivery. Confidentiality of data is of utmost importance in case of the private networks dealing with confidential information that should not be shared with outside users on the web. The right of information sharing between web users in such cases often lead to application layer attacks, IP spoofing, DNS cache poisoning, password attacks, and man in the middle attacks. Network security is becoming more and more important as people spend more and more time connected. Compromising network security is often much easier than compromising physical or local security, and is much more common. There are different types of network security software, depending on the type of network usage. Firewalls and different encryption methodologies are the most commonly available security software systems for home networks. Other network security measures used are authentication, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), etc. Securing a wireless network is much more difficult than the static networks, as the usual measures of authentication and firewalls are not sufficient to guard against the dynamic connectivity. The security threat in such networks often arises from malicious nodes residing within the network itself. The number of different types of security attacks is increasing everyday, making the importance of a full-proof intrusion detection system all the more important. The ever increasing connectivity of present society necessitates the availability of reliable data on an “any time, anywhere” basis. Much of the research works in this area are aimed at routing information along with detecting intrusions and generating system alerts. The special track on Network Security deals with issues like secure routing, security and data modeling.

As evident from the name itself, CISIM from its inception, stresses on striking a balance between the novelty contributed by the academia and the applications of these novel ideas in the IT industry. CISIM 2011 too thrives on the industrial applications of the technology. A completely separate track has been kept to discuss this. The interaction of the practicing professionals from the industries with the researchers, teachers, and scholar from the Universities is the life-blood of CISIM. Like in previous years, a good number of participants are expected from different industries and their laboratories.

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CISIM 2011 focuses on Agent based Computing and Its Applications. The technical program for CISIM 2011 has been planned with four distinct tracks.

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